Third Conditional 英语语法练习

第三条件句(Third Conditional)在英语中是一个非常重要的语法结构,它用于谈论过去没有发生的情况及其可能的结果。通常形式是“if” + 过去完成时(had + 过去分词),主句使用“would have” + 过去分词。通过第三条件句的练习,学生们可以更好地理解和使用这一复合句型,以表达虚拟的假设情况。



If he *had listened* (listen) to the weather forecast, he wouldn’t have gone sailing.

She *would have passed* (pass) the exam if she had studied harder.

If you *had warned* (warn) me, I wouldn’t have said anything embarrassing.

I *would have bought* (buy) you a gift if I had known it was your birthday.

If they *had taken* (take) the map, they wouldn’t have got lost.

He *wouldn’t have felt* (not feel) so tired if he had gone to bed earlier.

If I *had seen* (see) you, I would have stopped and said hello.

She *wouldn’t have missed* (not miss) the meeting if her alarm had gone off.

If we *had realized* (realize) the danger, we wouldn’t have continued hiking.

They *would have enjoyed* (enjoy) the party more if they had known some of the guests.

If you *had asked* (ask) me for help, I would have been happy to assist you.

I *would have been* (be) surprised if they had actually won the match.

She *wouldn’t have gotten* (not get) into trouble if she had followed the rules.

If they *had told* (tell) us about the change in plans, we wouldn’t have arrived late.

You *would have found* (find) the place easily if you had used the GPS.


If I *had brought* (bring) my umbrella, I wouldn’t have gotten wet in the rain.

You *would have scored* (score) higher on the test if you had double-checked your answers.

She *wouldn’t have been* (not be) late if she had left home earlier.

If they *had decided* (decide) sooner, they could have caught the earlier train.

I *wouldn’t have lost* (not lose) my keys if I had put them in my bag.

If he *had trained* (train) more seriously, he might have won the race.

They *would have called* (call) you if they had arrived at a decision.

If you *had checked* (check) the schedule, you wouldn’t have missed the bus.

She *would have appreciated* (appreciate) the gesture if she had understood your intentions.

If I *had known* (know) about the traffic jam, I would have taken a different route.

You *wouldn’t have made* (not make) such a mistake if you had paid more attention.

He *would have succeeded* (succeed) if he hadn’t given up so easily.

If we *had saved* (save) more money, we could have gone on a longer vacation.

They *would have repaired* (repair) the roof if they had known about the leak.

If you *had expressed* (express) your concerns earlier, we could have addressed the issue.




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