Subjunctive 英语语法练习

在英语语法中,虚拟语气是一个重要而又独特的概念。虚拟语气用于表达非现实的情况,如愿望、假设、建议或条件等。它通常与特定的句型和动词搭配使用,例如“wish”,“as if”,“would rather”,“it’s time”等。掌握虚拟语气对于学习者而言至关重要,因为它在日常交流和正式写作中均频繁出现。


虚拟语气练习 – 填空一

I wish I *were* (be) able to attend the meeting yesterday.

If he *had* (have) more time, he would travel around the world.

It’s crucial that she *be* (be) informed about this issue immediately.

Were I in your shoes, I *would* (will) make a different decision.

If only you *had* (have) listened to my advice!

He behaves as if he *owned* (own) the whole company.

She suggested that we *meet* (meet) earlier to discuss the plan.

It’s high time we *were* (be) leaving for the airport.

I would rather you *didn’t* (do not) mention this matter again.

Had I known about the traffic, I *would have* (would have) left home earlier.

It’s imperative that the team *be* (be) prepared for any challenges.

Suppose you *won* (win) the lottery, what would you do?

I wish it *were* (be) possible to turn back time.

She talked as if she *knew* (know) all the answers.

If he *were* (be) the president, he would change the law.

虚拟语气练习 – 填空二

We recommend that the product *be* (be) tested thoroughly before launch.

Should you *need* (need) any assistance, do not hesitate to ask.

If she *were* (be) to accept the job offer, she would move to New York.

The teacher demanded that the homework *be* (be) handed in on time.

Imagine that you *were* (be) stranded on a deserted island.

The boss insisted that the report *be* (be) completed by Friday.

Would that it *were* (be) possible to achieve peace worldwide!

It’s necessary that you *arrive* (arrive) at the office by 8:00 AM.

If I *had* (have) your address, I would have sent you an invitation.

It seems as though he *had never seen* (never see) snow before.

I propose that we *take* (take) a different approach to the problem.

Were it not for your help, I *wouldn’t have* (would not have) finished the project on time.

That sounds like something she *would say* (would say).

If you *were* (be) to win this competition, how would you feel?

They requested that the guests *not bring* (not bring) their pets to the party.




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