Stative Verbs 英语语法练习

在英语中,静态动词(Stative Verbs)是指那些表示状态、感觉、所有权、思想等而非行为或过程的动词。不同于动态动词,静态动词通常不用于进行时态。学习静态动词对于掌握英语的使用是极其重要的。这些动词常见于日常交流和书面语中,能够帮助我们描述人们的想法、情绪和感知等。在接下来的练习中,我们将专注于使用静态动词来填空,从而提高理解和运用这类动词的能力。



I *believe* (think) in fairies and magic.

She *likes* (enjoy) Italian cuisine more than any other food.

He *owns* (possess) one of the largest collections of stamps.

The cake *tastes* (flavor) amazing; you must try it!

My brother *knows* (aware) the answer to this math problem.

I *doubt* (question) we will arrive on time because of the traffic.

Laura *appreciates* (value) your help with her project.

The room *smells* (scent) like fresh flowers.

They *prefer* (favor) camping over staying in a hotel.

Cats *hate* (dislike) getting wet.

This color *suits* (match) you very well.

The concert *sounds* (audio) like it’s going to be a lot of fun.

Sam *understands* (comprehend) what you are going through.

I *love* (adore) stargazing on clear nights.

She *agrees* (consent) with the decision you made.


The children *adore* (love) their new teacher.

He always *seems* (appear) so calm under pressure.

The book *contains* (include) a lot of useful information.

This idea *belongs* (possess) to my colleague, not me.

The movie *includes* (feature) some spectacular special effects.

I *wish* (desire) to visit Paris one day.

She *deserves* (earn) a chance to prove herself.

They *lack* (deficient) the necessary experience for this job.

Our family *values* (cherishes) these traditions a lot.

The library *possesses* (owns) many rare books.

My heart *yearns* (longs) for adventure and excitement.

That statement *implies* (suggests) a certain level of responsibility.

His opinion *differs* (disagrees) from mine on this subject.

The problem *concerns* (affects) all of us, not just a few.

My memory of that day *remains* (persists) incredibly vivid.




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