Present Progressive 英语语法练习

在学习英文的过程中,掌握各种时态是非常重要的。其中,现在进行时是表示现在正在发生或持续发生的动作,它在英文交流中应用广泛。了解现在进行时的构成和用法,可以帮助大家更准确地表达自己的思想和情感。现在进行时通常由“be动词(am/is/are)+ 动词-ing”形式构成。例如:”I am eating.”(我正在吃。)或”They are studying.”(他们正在学习。)



She *is* (be) very busy at the moment.

They *are* (be) going to the movie theater tonight.

We *are* (be) having a party this Saturday.

I *am* (be) learning Chinese this semester.

The cat *is* (be) sleeping on the couch.

My parents *are* (be) cooking dinner right now.

He *is* (be) playing soccer every Thursday.

You *are* (be) doing great work!

My teacher *is* (be) writing on the whiteboard.

The birds *are* (be) singing in the morning.

I hope you *are* (be) taking notes.

It *is* (be) raining outside.

My brother and I *are* (be) making a model airplane.

Lisa *is* (be) going to school by bus nowadays.

The children *are* (be) watching their favorite cartoons.


The students *are* (be) studying harder this year.

My phone *is* (be) charging; it’s almost out of battery.

Look! The baby *is* (be) crawling on the floor.

She always *is* (be) texting her friends during lunch.

Right now, the team *is* (be) planning the project.

They *are* (be) taking a lot of pictures on their trip.

My father *is* (be) fixing the car this weekend.

You and your sister *are* (be) watching too much television.

It *is* (be) getting colder as winter approaches.

The waiter *is* (be) taking our order at the moment.

Are the neighbors *are* (be) having a barbecue next door?

The CEO *is* (be) giving a speech at the conference now.

Our dog always *is* (be) barking at strangers.

The scientists *are* (be) researching new ways to save energy.

The sun *is* (be) setting; it’s almost night.




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