Prepositions 英语语法练习




I will meet you *at* (time) the coffee shop on Main Street.

She has been living *in* (city) New York since 2010.

He walked *through* (transition) the park to get to the museum.

The books are placed *on* (location) the shelf above the desk.

Can you stand *beside* (position) me during the concert?

We are flying *to* (direction) London for our vacation.

The painting hanging *above* (position) the fireplace is quite old.

Please put the flowers *in* (container) the vase on the table.

The cat jumped *onto* (motion) the bed and curled up under the covers.

I prefer working out *in* (specific time) the morning rather than at night.

She looked *at* (direction) me with a smile on her face.

You will find the sugar *in* (location) the cupboard, next to the refrigerator.

They were sitting *by* (close proximity) the fireplace chatting until midnight.

The restaurant is located *between* (position) the bank and the library.

The arrow hit the target *right* (specific locality) in the center.


Keep the medicine *away from* (distance) children and pets.

He ran *towards* (direction) the bus stop as fast as he could.

The holiday falls *on* (specific day) a Monday this year.

They arrived *at* (specific place) the airport two hours early.

The picture was taken *from* (origin) a distance of about one kilometer.

The author will be signing books *from* (time start) 3 PM to 5 PM.

Hang your coat *on* (location) the hook behind the door.

The children played hide and seek *behind* (position) the old barn.

Her office is right *across from* (position) the cafeteria.

The cat hid *under* (location) the bed during the thunderstorm.

Could you please look *after* (take care of) my dog while I’m away?

The players gathered *around* (position) the coach to listen to the instructions.

There is a good movie *on* (broadcast medium) TV tonight.

We walked *along* (path) the river until the sun set.




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