Possessive Nouns 英语语法练习

在学习英语的过程中,掌握名词的所有格是非常重要的。所有格用来表示某物或某人属于另一物或另一人,它是通过改变名词的形式来表示的,通常是在单数名词后加 ‘s 或者在复数名词后加一个撇号(如果复数名词是以s结尾的)。在英语学习中,正确运用所有格能够帮助我们更加准确地表达物主关系,下面的练习将专注于所有格的使用。



This is *John*(name)’s backpack.

Can you see the cat’s *tail*(body part)?

I will meet you outside the *baker*(profession)’s shop.

Mary and *Tim*(name) only get along at mother house.

The *player*(occupation)’s performance was outstanding today.

I borrowed the *teacher*(occupation)’s notebook to jot down the homework.

The *child*(relation)’s bicycle is parked in the garage.

*Oliver*(name)’s report card came in the mail today.

The *dog*(animal)’s leash is hanging by the door.

We sat in the *president*(title)’s reserved section at the conference.

The *artist*(occupation)’s exhibition was a huge success.

Make sure to read the *author*(occupation)’s latest book.

The *chef*(occupation)’s special tonight is salmon.

We need to finish this project by tomorrow, per the *manager*(occupation)’s instructions.

The *customer*(role)’s feedback is always taken seriously.


The *children*(relation)’s playground is being renovated.

All of the *workers*(occupation)’ helmets must meet safety standards.

The *ladies*(group)’ room is on the left side of the corridor.

The *men*(group)’s watches have been put on display.

Collect all the *students*(group)’ essays by the end of the day.

The *geese*(animal)’ migration pattern is fascinating to observe.

Our *neighbors*(relation)’ garden is always full of flowers.

Three *judges*(occupation)’ panel will decide the winner of the competition.

The *people*(group)’s choice award is highly coveted at the film festival.

Many *mice*(animal) have found their way into the old warehouse.

The *women*(group)’s committee is organizing the charity event.

The *sheep*(animal)’s wool is sheared every spring.

The *puppies*(animal)’ owner is taking them for their first vaccination.

We are waiting for the *bosses*(occupation)’ decisions on the new project proposals.

The *thieves*(role)’ tools were left at the scene of the crime.




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