Plural Nouns 英语语法练习




The children found several colorful *leaves* (leaf) under the tree.

I have two *cats* (cat) that love to play outside.

She placed all the *books* (book) neatly on the shelf.

We could see the *birds* (bird) flying south for the winter.

During the trip, we took some amazing photos of wild *horses* (horse).

The classroom was filled with the sounds of laughing *children* (child).

All the *buses* (bus) arrive at the station at the same time.

She cut up a few *cucumbers* (cucumber) to put in the salad.

He had a collection of old *coins* (coin) from around the world.

The *potatoes* (potato) in this stew are really tender.

There are many *churches* (church) in that small town.

My parents told me old stories of *heroes* (hero) and adventurers.

As the fireworks lit up the sky, we heard the excited *cheers* (cheer) of the crowd.

In the countryside, there are many *cows* (cow) grazing on the hills.

He showed us his collection of rare *stamps* (stamp).


There are five *men* (man) working on the construction site.

The *children* (child) were playing hide and seek in the park.

She has an interesting collection of *teeth* (tooth) from different animals.

The *women* (woman) in the club meet once a month to discuss books.

They caught several *fish* (fish) while they were on the boat.

The *mice* (mouse) in the attic have been causing trouble again.

We spotted several *deer* (deer) in the forest during our hike.

The *geese* (goose) flew over the lake in a V formation.

Her *feet* (foot) were sore after walking all day in new shoes.

My *children* (child) love to read different kinds of *stories* (story).

In the museum, there were many ancient *statues* (statue) on display.

The *oxen* (ox) were pulling the cart up the hill steadily.

The shelves were filled with old *books* (book) covered in dust.

The farmers were herding the *sheep* (sheep) into the barn before the rain started.

The *lives* (life) of the pioneers were full of challenges and hardships.




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