Passive Voice 英语语法练习

被动语态在英语中非常常见,它用来强调动作的接受者而不是动作的执行者。在被动语态的句子中,通常会使用”be + 过去分词”的结构来表达,而执行动作的人或物则可以省略或放在介词”by”之后。例如:”The book was read by the student”(这本书被学生读了),其中”The book”是动作的接受者,而不是执行者。


练习1: 填入正确的被动语态形式

The homework *was completed* (complete) by the student last night.

This song *has been heard* (hear) by millions of people around the world.

Many buildings *were destroyed* (destroy) in the earthquake.

New safety regulations *are being implemented* (implement) in the factory.

The meeting *was postponed* (postpone) due to unforeseen circumstances.

These cars *are manufactured* (manufacture) in Germany.

After the match, the trophy *was presented* (present) to the winning team.

The mystery *has been solved* (solve) by the detective.

A new novel *is being written* (write) by the famous author.

The directions *were followed* (follow) precisely by the tourists.

A speech *is going to be delivered* (deliver) by the CEO tomorrow.

The window *was broken* (break) during the storm last night.

That old bridge *hasn’t been used* (use) for decades.

The art exhibit *will be opened* (open) next month.

The results of the study *were published* (publish) in a well-known journal.

练习2: 根据语境选择正确的被动语态形式

Several attempts *have been made* (make) to contact the customer.

The email *will be sent* (send) as soon as the attachment is ready.

The agreement *was signed* (sign) by both parties yesterday.

Every year, the prize *is awarded* (award) to an outstanding scientist.

Unfortunately, the package *has been lost* (lose) in transit.

During the renovation, the walls *were painted* (paint) a bright color.

Breakfast *is served* (serve) from 7 to 10 a.m. at the hotel.

The suspect *is being questioned* (question) by the police right now.

An exciting discovery *has just been made* (make) by the research team.

Due to high demand, more tickets *will be released* (release) tomorrow.

The movie *is being advertised* (advertise) on several social media platforms.

The project *was completed* (complete) ahead of schedule.

Instructions *were provided* (provide) with the medication.

Due to the incident, the festival *has been canceled* (cancel).

All the applications *were reviewed* (review) by the committee last week.




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