Mixed Conditionals 英语语法练习

在学习英语语法时,混合条件句(Mixed Conditionals)是一种常见且重要的句型。它们由两部分组成:条件从句和主句,通常使用不同的时态来表达假设与结果之间复杂的时态关系。在英语中,混合条件句经常用于表示与现在事实相反的过去情况,或者反映当前对过去事件的可能后果。掌握混合条件句对于提高英语水平和表达能力至关重要。



If he *had studied* (study) harder, he would be attending a top university now.

She *would have passed* (pass) the exam if she hadn’t been so nervous.

If you *hadn’t missed* (not miss) the meeting, you would know the new regulations.

I *wouldn’t be* (not be) so tired if I had gone to bed earlier last night.

They *could be* (be) on vacation now if they hadn’t spent all their savings last month.

If he *had taken* (take) my advice, he wouldn’t be facing these difficulties now.

If you *had listened* (listen) to me, you wouldn’t be dealing with this problem now.

You *wouldn’t have to* (not have to) work overtime if you had finished your project earlier.

He would *be acting* (act) in movies now if he hadn’t given up his acting classes.

If they *had known* (know) about the delay earlier, they wouldn’t be rushing now.

Unless she *had seen* (see) the results herself, she wouldn’t believe them.

We *might be* (be) celebrating now if the team had won the game last week.


If I *hadn’t lost* (not lose) my passport, I could travel with you next week.

She *would be* (be) living in Paris now if she had accepted that job offer.

He *wouldn’t feel* (not feel) so confused if he had paid attention to the lecture.

You *wouldn’t have missed* (not miss) your flight if you had left home earlier.

If they *had brought* (bring) their map, they wouldn’t be lost right now.

I *could have performed* (perform) better if I hadn’t been so anxious.

She wouldn’t *be struggling* (struggle) if she’d had more practical experience.

If I *had taken* (take) the opportunity, I might work in a different industry now.

We *would have enjoyed* (enjoy) our vacation more if it hadn’t rained every day.

Unless he *had practiced* (practice) diligently, he wouldn’t be performing at the concert tonight.

She *could speak* (speak) more languages now if she hadn’t dropped out of school.

You *wouldn’t be* (not be) in such a rush if you had left on time this morning.

If we *had saved* (save) more money, we could be traveling around the world.

He *could have bought* (buy) that house if he hadn’t lost his job last year.




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