Irregular Verbs 英语语法练习




Yesterday, I *bought* (buy) a new book about history.

The wind *blew* (blow) so hard last night that it knocked down several trees.

He *drew* (draw) an amazing picture in art class yesterday.

They *drank* (drink) all the lemonade at the picnic.

The children *forgot* (forget) their mittens at home when they went to school.

I *gave* (give) her a gift for her birthday last week.

He *went* (go) to the grocery store an hour ago.

The cat *lay* (lie) in the sun all morning.

We *saw* (see) a shooting star in the sky last night.

She *sat* (sit) by the window reading a book as the rain poured down.

They *spoke* (speak) in hushed tones so as not to wake the baby.

Last summer, he *swam* (swim) across the lake and back.

I *took* (take) the wrong bus this morning and arrived late to my meeting.

The dog *ate* (eat) his dinner in seconds.

We *wrote* (write) postcards to our friends from the beach.


The windows had *been* (be) left open all night and it got really cold.

Her favorite song had *been* (be) played on the radio multiple times yesterday.

The homework had *been* (be) finished by the time the bell rang.

All the cookies had *been* (be) eaten by the time I arrived at the party.

I had *done* (do) all my chores by noon yesterday.

They had never *flown* (fly) in a helicopter before that day.

She had never *given* (give) such a long speech before last night.

By the end of the trip, they had *gone* (go) through all their savings.

The letter had *been* (be) written in a hurry.

The song had *been* (be) sung by a famous artist.

I had *taken* (take) all the necessary precautions.

The cake had *been* (be) baked by the time guests arrived.

She had *forgotten* (forget) the appointment until the last minute.

They had *drunk* (drink) too much coffee and couldn’t sleep.

The movie had already *begun* (begin) when we entered the theater.




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