Infinitive/Gerund 英语语法练习

在学习英语的过程中,动词不定式和动名词的正确使用是建立良好语法基础的重要部分。不定式通常带有“to”,例如“to eat”,而动名词则是以-ing结尾的动词形式,例如“eating”。这两种形式有时可以互换使用,但在许多情况下,使用哪一种形式会影响句子的意义或语法正确性。因此,掌握它们的使用规则对于希望提高英语水平的学生来说至关重要。



He promised *to help* (help) me with my homework.

I can’t wait *to see* (see) the new movie everyone is talking about.

She needs *to find* (find) a better job to support her family.

Do you have anything *to declare* (declare) at customs?

He appears *to be* (be) the best candidate for the position.

They suggested *to go* (going) on a hike this weekend, but I’m not sure.

My goal is *to complete* (complete) my degree in three years.

The instructions were difficult *to follow* (follow).

We decided *to take* (take) the longer scenic route.

After a long day, all I want is *to relax* (relax).

I would prefer *to stay* (stay) in tonight and watch a movie.

It’s rude *to speak* (speak) loudly in a library.

We hope *to visit* (visit) Paris next summer.

My mother told me *to clean* (clean) my room.

I plan *to learn* (learn) Spanish this year.


I enjoy *cooking* (cook) for my family on the weekends.

Avoid *drinking* (drink) unfiltered water while hiking in the mountains.

He mentioned *going* (go) to the concert next week.

They are good at *playing* (play) chess.

She is interested in *learning* (learn) different languages.

We discussed *moving* (move) to a new city for better job opportunities.

I don’t feel like *working* (work) overtime tonight.

She finished *writing* (write) her novel last month.

Are you thinking about *buying* (buy) a new car?

John regrets *not studying* (not study) harder for his exams.

Many people avoid *talking* (talk) about their feelings.

Susan is looking forward to *traveling* (travel) this summer.

They admitted *cheating* (cheat) during the game.

Are you considering *applying* (apply) for that job?

You should practice *speaking* (speak) English every day to improve.




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