Imperative 英语语法练习



练习1:填空练习 – 完成下列祈使句

*Open* (Verb) the door, please.

*Be* (Verb) quiet during the presentation.

*Take* (Verb) off your shoes before entering the house.

*Listen* (Verb) carefully to the instructions.

*Pass* (Verb) the salt.

*Don’t move* (Verb) until the light turns green.

*Remember* (Verb) to lock the door when you leave.

*Let’s* (Contraction) go to the park!

*Watch* (Verb) your step!

*Come* (Verb) here for a minute, please.

*Tell* (Verb) me the truth.

*Help* (Verb) yourself to some snacks.

*Do* (Verb) your homework before you play video games.

*Turn* (Verb) off the lights before bed.

*Hurry* (Verb) up or we’ll be late!

练习2:填空练习 – 将以下祈使句变为否定形式

*Don’t forget* (Verb) to bring your ID.

*Don’t be* (Verb) late for the meeting.

*Don’t touch* (Verb) the wet paint.

*Don’t ignore* (Verb) the safety instructions.

*Don’t hesitate* (Verb) to ask for help if you need it.

*Don’t eat* (Verb) the last cookie without asking.

*Don’t take* (Verb) pictures here, it’s not allowed.

*Never give* (Verb) up on your dreams!

*Don’t make* (Verb) so much noise, I’m trying to study.

*Don’t talk* (Verb) with your mouth full.

*Don’t worry* (Verb) about the small details now.

*Don’t leave* (Verb) any of your belongings behind.

*Don’t spend* (Verb) all your money in one place.

*Don’t sit* (Verb) there, that’s someone else’s seat.

*Don’t go* (Verb) outside without a coat, it’s cold!




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