Future Tenses 英语语法练习




Tomorrow, I *will finish* (finish) my homework before going out.

She *is going to study* (study) abroad next year.

It looks like it *is going to rain* (rain) soon.

The train *leaves* (leave) at 9 PM tonight.

He *won’t come* (not come) to the party because he’s busy.

By next month, we *will complete* (complete) our project.

They *are not going to make* (not make) it to the meeting on time.

Don’t worry; I *will send* (send) you the report by email.

Who do you think *will win* (win) the game tonight?

Don’t touch that! It *is going to fall* (fall)!

I’m sure you *will do* (do) great on your presentation.

Are they *going to visit* (visit) their grandparents this weekend?

I *will be* (be) there to support you, no matter what.

According to the forecast, it *won’t snow* (not snow) this winter.

Next year, they *are going to celebrate* (celebrate) their 10th anniversary.


This time next week, I *will be flying* (fly) to Hawaii.

By the time you arrive, I *will have left* (leave).

She *will be staying* (stay) with her aunt when you go to visit her.

We *will have finished* (finish) our dinner by 8 o’clock.

Don’t call him now; he *will be working* (work).

The CEO *will have made* (make) his decision by next Wednesday.

At 10 o’clock, they *will be having* (have) a meeting.

By the end of the year, I *will have saved* (save) enough money to buy a car.

While you’re away, the kids *will be staying* (stay) with their grandparents.

By the time the movie starts, we *will have found* (find) seats.

It’s confirmed that she *will be joining* (join) our team next month.

I heard that he *will not be returning* (not return) to school next semester.

They *will have completed* (complete) the construction by this time next year.

Next summer, they *will be travelling* (travel) across Europe.

When she arrives, we *will be celebrating* (celebrate) my brother’s birthday.




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