First Conditional 英语语法练习

在学习英语语法的过程中,首先条件句(First Conditional)是一个非常重要的部分。它用来表达关于将来可能发生的事情的条件和结果。首先条件句通常遵循这样的结构:如果主句中有一个动作或情况,从句就会使用现在时,而主句则会使用将来时态,比如will。在实际使用当中,首先条件句可以帮助我们表达预测、计划或者可能性等。


First Conditional 英语语法练习(练习一)

If you *study* (study) hard, you will pass the exam.

If she *doesn’t* (not) hurry, she will miss the bus.

Provided that you *save* (save) enough money, you can buy a new laptop.

You will get wet if it *rains* (rain).

If they *win* (win) the match, they will celebrate tonight.

He will be disappointed if the film *isn’t* (not) good.

If I *see* (see) him, I will tell him the news.

She’ll miss her flight unless she *leaves* (leave) now.

If it *snows* (snow) tomorrow, we will go skiing.

You won’t understand the lesson if you *don’t* (not) listen carefully.

If he exercises regularly, he *will* (will) improve his health.

If they don’t water the plants, they *will* (will) die.

Unless you call her, she *won’t* (will not) know you are waiting.

If we *meet* (meet) early, we can catch the first train.

She will be happy if you *give* (give) her a surprise.

First Conditional 英语语法练习(练习二)

If you *send* (send) the letter today, it will arrive tomorrow.

They’ll go on a trip if they *can* (can) get a holiday.

If it *doesn’t* (not) fit you, we can exchange it.

If I find her address, I *will* (will) send her an invitation.

You *will not* (will not) be allowed in if you forget your pass.

Unless the car is repaired, it *won’t* (will not) start.

If you *help* (help) me with this, I’ll help you with your project.

If the team plays well, they *will* (will) win the championship.

If I have time, I *will* (will) join you for lunch.

She will buy the dress if it *is* (is) on sale.

If it *starts* (start) raining, I will take an umbrella.

You can go to the party if you *finish* (finish) your homework.

If he *doesn’t* (not) apologize, she won’t speak to him again.

You will find the place if you *follow* (follow) the map.

They will be late unless they *leave* (leave) now.




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