Countable/Uncountable Nouns 英语语法练习




Could you please pass me two *apples* (fruit)?

I have a few *books* (object) on the table.

She bought some new *shoes* (item) for the party.

There is a *cat* (animal) sitting on the roof.

He prefers *cars* (vehicle) with automatic transmission.

I saw several *birds* (creature) in the garden this morning.

Could you give me a piece of *paper* (material)?

She has an interesting collection of *stamps* (object).

They are planning to adopt a *dog* (animal).

We need to buy some *chairs* (furniture) for the dining room.

John wants to eat an *orange* (fruit).

There are many *stars* (celestial body) visible tonight.

She received a bouquet of *flowers* (plant) on her birthday.

They have three *children* (person).

Our teacher always gives us a lot of *homework* (assignment).


There is some *water* (liquid) in the bottle.

Can you give me some *advice* (guidance)?

We need a bag of *rice* (grain) for dinner.

She added a pinch of *salt* (condiment) to the recipe.

He has a lot of *experience* (knowledge) in this field.

There isn’t much *time* (duration) left to complete the project.

You should put a bit of *oil* (lubricant) on the hinges.

She has a great taste in *music* (art).

We collected a lot of *information* (data) for the report.

The room was filled with laughter and *happiness* (emotion).

A large amount of *money* (currency) was donated to the charity.

He showed no *interest* (curiosity) in the topic.

Could I please have some more *bread* (food)?

There’s a piece of *furniture* (objet) blocking the hallway.

Our country has rich *culture* (heritage).




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