Conditional Conjunctions 英语语法练习




I would travel around the world if I *won* the lottery. (won)

She could visit her friends more often if she *had* more free time. (had)

We would be on time *unless* there’s heavy traffic. (unless)

You won’t get a good seat *unless* you arrive early. (unless)

If you had told me, I *would have* helped you. (would)

He could pass the exam if he *studied* more. (studied)

We will go for a walk *provided* that it doesn’t rain. (provided)

If they invite us, we *will* definitely go. (will)

She would have been successful if she *hadn’t* given up so easily. (hadn’t)

You should always bring an umbrella in case it *rains*. (rains)

If I were you, I *would* take the job offer. (would)

As long as you’re happy, that’s all that *matters*. (matters)


If I had known about the party, I *would have* brought a gift. (would)

Provided that you can guarantee the quality, we *will* place a larger order. (will)

She will finish the project on time *provided* that she stays focused. (provided)

I would have gone to see the doctor if I *had* felt worse. (had)

Unless we leave now, we *are* definitely going to be late. (are)

If he had not been so careless, he *would not have* made a mistake. (would not)

You would understand the lesson better if you *paid* more attention in class. (paid)

Would you still love me if I *were* poor? (were)

If you need me, I *will* be in my office. (will)

If it were not for her support, I *couldn’t have* completed this project. (couldn’t)

I will not go to the party unless I *am* invited. (am)

Even if you apologize, I *cannot* forgive what happened. (cannot)




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