Auxiliary Verbs 英语语法练习

在英语学习中,助动词(Auxiliary Verbs) 是构建句子的重要组成部分。它们用于形成各种时态、语态、语气和问句,以及否定句。常见的助动词包括 “be”、”do” 和 “have”,以及情态动词 like “can”、”could”、”may”、”might”、”must”、”shall”、”should”、”will” 和 “would”。助动词能帮助表达动作的时间、模态以及其他语义特征。正确使用助动词对于掌握英语语法非常关键。



He *does* (do) not like to swim in the ocean.

*Has* (have) she completed her homework yet?

I *am* (be) going to the market tomorrow.

They *were* (be) watching TV when the power went out.

She *does* (do) not believe what he said.

We *have* (have) been living here for over a decade.

He *can* (can) speak three languages fluently.

You *must* (must) finish your assignment by Monday.

It *might* (might) rain later this afternoon.

They *should* (should) have arrived by now.

I *did* (do) not see anything unusual.

She *will* (will) be visiting her grandparents next weekend.

Will he *have* (have) enough time to prepare?

*Could* (could) you please help me with this report?

They *had* (have) already eaten by the time we arrived.


The windows *are* (be) being cleaned by the staff.

She *has* (have) to take her medicine twice a day.

He *does* (do) not usually work on weekends.

We *were* (be) running when it started to hail.

*Do* (do) they know about the meeting tomorrow?

I *am* (be) not sure if I can attend the event.

He *could* (could) have won the race if he tried harder.

You *must* (must) not forget to sign the document.

She *would* (would) have called us if there was a problem.

*Should* (should) we start the presentation now?

They *had* (have) been waiting for over an hour.

*Will* (will) you be free to catch up later today?

The report *has* (have) to be submitted by Friday.

*Can* (can) I borrow your pencil sharpener?

They *were* (be) supposed to meet us here at noon.




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