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Words Associated with Ukrainian Holidays

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Exploring the rich Ukrainian culture, one can’t miss immersing in the vibrant Ukrainian holidays, each brimming with unique traditions and language. Here are some words that are intimately associated with Ukrainian holidays, ready to add cultural depth to your vocabulary as you learn this beautiful language.

Свято (Sviato) – Holiday.
This term is used to refer to any holiday or celebration day in the Ukrainian calendar.
На цьому тижні буде одне державне свято.

Різдво (Rizdvo) – Christmas.
In Ukraine, Christmas is not just a day, but a season of celebration, typically celebrated on January 7th due to the Julian calendar used by the Orthodox Church.
Ми збираємося відсвяткувати Різдво з усією родиною.

Великдень (Velykden) – Easter.
Known as Velykden in Ukrainian, it is a major religious holiday marked by church services, festive family meals, and the decoration of eggs, known as писанки.
На Великдень наша сім’я фарбує яйця та готує паски.

Івана Купала (Ivana Kupala) – Ivan Kupala Day.
Celebrated on the night of July 6th to 7th, this holiday corresponds with Midsummer and is associated with rituals related to water, fertility, and purification.
Івана Купала — це час для вінків, багаття та стрибків через вогонь.

Незалежності День (Nezalezhnosti Den) – Independence Day.
Marking Ukraine’s independence from the Soviet Union, it is celebrated on August 24th with parades, concerts, and fireworks.
У День незалежності у Києві проходить великий парад.

Масляна (Maslyana) – Butter Week/Shrovetide.
This is a Ukrainian folk holiday celebrated during the last week before Lent, focusing on the consumption of butter and other foods that are forbidden during the fasting period.
До Масляної ми зазвичай готуємо млинці та влаштовуємо гостини.

Трійця (Triytsya) – Trinity Sunday.
Also known as Pentecost, this religious holiday occurs fifty days after Easter Sunday and is a day for Christians to honor the Holy Trinity.
На Трійцю ми відвідуємо церкву та прикрашаємо наш дім зеленими гілками.

Писанки (Pysanky) – Decorated eggs.
Especially important during Easter, these are intricately decorated eggs that are made using a wax-resist method.
Діти Фарбовують писанки на Великдень, кожен з них — маленький витвір мистецтва.

Дідух (Didukh) – A sheaf of wheat traditionally brought into the house during Christmas.
This symbolizes the household’s ancestors and is a tribute to the harvest of the past year.
На Різдво ми поставили дідуха у кутку нашої вітальні.

Колядки (Kolyadky) – Christmas carols.
During the Christmas season, Ukrainians sing these traditional carols, which often tell stories of the birth of Christ, the coming of spring, or historical events.
Діти ходили колядувати та радували наших сусідів колядками.

Delving into Ukrainian holidays through language not only helps in understanding words but also reflects the cultural significance behind each celebration. By incorporating these terms into your vocabulary, you can engage more deeply with Ukrainian traditions and history.

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