Plural Nouns 英語の文法の演習




1. I have two *cats* (animal).

2. She bought five *books* (object).

3. Look at all those *birds* (creature).

4. The *children* (people) are playing in the park.

5. I have a few *apples* (fruit) in the basket.

6. There are seven *chairs* (furniture) in the room.

7. He has to clean his *shoes* (item).

8. We saw several *cars* (vehicle) parked outside.

9. The boxes are full of old *clothes* (attire).

10. The teacher handed out the *papers* (material).

11. There are many *stars* (celestial) in the sky tonight.

12. During Halloween, we carve *pumpkins* (vegetable).

13. The *tomatoes* (food) are ripe and ready to eat.

14. The museum has a collection of ancient *coins* (currency).

15. Farmers feed *cows* (animal) in the field.


1. The *women* (adult) are discussing the plan for the event.

2. I need to brush my *teeth* (part).

3. The twin *boys* (male) are very similar.

4. There are a few *mice* (rodent) in the attic.

5. He gave me some good *advice* (guidance).

6. All of the *feet* (body) were tapping to the music.

7. People usually have two *hands* (limb).

8. The *men* (adult) are working late tonight.

9. The *leaves* (plant) turned yellow and fell off the tree.

10. She caught two *fish* (aquatic) today.

11. There are six *geese* (bird) on the lake.

12. These *knives* (tool) are very sharp.

13. The company has many *employees* (worker).

14. There were lots of *sheep* (animal) in the field.

15. The *oxen* (cattle) are used for plowing fields.





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