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TalkPal is a GPT-powered AI language tutor. Chat about unlimited amount of interesting topics either by writing or speaking while receiving messages with realistic voice.

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You will practice:

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The TalkPal Difference

Available in 57 languages

Immersive Conversations

Dive into captivating dialogues designed to optimize language retention and improve fluency.

Real-Time Feedback

Receive immediate, personalized feedback and suggestions to accelerate your language mastery.

Dynamic Active Listening

Enhance comprehension skills with our exclusive, adaptive listening exercises.

Introducing TalkPal Premium


Immerse in lifelike, fun, or professional scenarios, boosting practice and confidence.


Tailored sessions based on your goals, learning pace, and language level.

Message Translation

Built-in real-time translations with one click into more than 100 languages.

Pricing Plans

Choose the Right Plan for You


Is there a free trial available for TalkPal Premium?

Yes, TalkPal offers a 14-day free trial for TalkPal Premium, allowing users to explore the full range of features before committing to a subscription. You can cancel your free trial anytime, and you will not be charged.

What subscription options does TalkPal offer?

TalkPal offers a free subscription with limited features and TalkPal Premium, which comes with no limitations and more advanced features. TalkPal Premium includes monthly or yearly payment options.

What payment methods does TalkPal accept?

TalkPal accepts payments through debit or credit cards via Stripe or Paypal, ensuring a secure and convenient payment process for customers.

How can I contact TalkPal if I have any queries or concerns?

If you have any questions or need assistance, you can reach out to the TalkPal customer support team at [email protected]

I forgot my password, what should I do?

You can reset your password from the login area. We will send you an e-mail to reset your password. Please check your spam folder.

Should you have some difficulties logging-in, please contact our customer support team at [email protected]

I am a beginner, can I use TalkPal?

Generally, TalkPal is designed for individuals who already have some basic understanding of the language and would like to further improve their language skills. However, if you have limited knowledge of a specific language you are trying to learn, TalkPal can also be useful.

We recommend trying it out and after several minutes you will have a feeling that it is something you can use to improve your language skills.

I have advanced language skills, can I use TalkPal?

TalkPal is designed for individuals who already have a basic understanding of the language and would like to improve their skills further. This generally includes individuals with A2, B1, B2, C1, or C2 level knowledge of a particular language.

One of the key advantages of TalkPal is that it not only improves your generic knowledge of a specific language, but can also deepen your skills in a specific area, like business, literature, law, conversational language, or more.

We always recommend our customers try it out and ask questions about topics and areas you are truly interested in.

Can I cancel my TalkPal Premium subscription anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your TalkPal Premium subscription at any time. After the cancelation, the subscription will end at the end of the subscription period.

I have reached my free subscription daily limit, what should I do?

We are offering 15 mins daily limit with our free basic subscription. Should you have reached the limit, feel free to activate 14 days free trial of TalkPal Premium subscription or come back the next day.